Some (middle) changes and moro photos from the scouitng team

  Never say never... Few days ago we used to think, that all those IOF inspections are for nothing... And - voila!

So, this weekend some fairly important decision has been made. Concernig middle distance event area, to be precise. And right now (and during the championship either, we hope...) the venue - and thus, restricted area - is the wood covered by map "Góry Leńce", which you can find in the dedicated tab.

  And if you don't want to open up the next window, just take a look below:

(Map is 10 years old; last competition was held some 7 years ago. Inspection does not count...)

  Ok, it's time for speculations! Maybe we had to change the place because of the wild animals welfare?...

  Not exactly... Animals would have nothing against some tasty competitors, I suppose.  

  So - maybe it was some ugly part of the world?


  Nope, neither... Beautiful forest to the horizon, as you can see.

  Oh, and maybe just for fun? Well, map-drawers would not find it so funny, I guess.

 Well, the truth is, that in this beautiful forest (to the horizon) path network was not dense enough to create interesting courses. And we want to make middle distance event fast - but mean a bit, in the same time. And the old-new map give us such possibility.

 Another question - so what with event center now? Is there any place? Well, actually we've already found one.

  So - competitors will have a chance to ride - and even prepare to start before.

  And courses are expected to be fast. Except those parts, which are going to be slow, of course...

 Anyway - fastest will be decorated. And thay will have some perfect view to the surroundings, and surroundings will have perfect view to them.

Which we wish to all of the participants, as always.