Training camps and competition before WMTBOC

  There is nothing like the final touch - so, if someone is eager to get props from the rest of the world during WMTBOC, it should consider the possibility of coming to the training camp. Just a week before the main competition.

 And as someone has even more time, it may arrive bit earlier and take part in the next round of.... Mazovia Cup, of course. But - let's start with a camp.


  What does training camp offer to you? Daily (or even twice a day, sometime) competition on the map. You may take a look below and check out, what is the schedule - where, when and how long you will practice.

(Seems to be familiar place for some...)

 Sport Ident system will be used for all of the trainings, so it will give you an opportunity to check out results and route choices. And the second map, containing another part of the schedule - below:

 We do invite those who are still hesitating - and those, that are determined to come, but didn't entered yet. Tomorrow we should see trainig camp Bulletin, where everything will be explained (I hope).

  And yet another invitation - for the competition this time. It will take place this weekend, close to Supraśl. More infos (in Polish...) attached.

Komunikat Runda VIII 02-03.08.2014.pdf1.55 MB