Maps and Jiri's affair

  Just to inform you - maps are available at the website; you may either watch them or download PDF version. These are "clear" maps, without controls.

  Second strory - we'd like to ask you - in the name of Jiri Vrany, leader or the Czech team - if anybody remember sort of the crash during yesterday's competition? That was an incident, that Jiri was involved...

  To be precise - somebody caused Jiri's fall to the ground. Our Czech mate did not get hurt that much fortunately, but his watch - yes.

  So - if you may help him to recognize the person, which (accidentaly, I suppose) made him suffer - please, contact Czech team.


More details

I would like to add that it was north of the control number 69 and the time was aproximately 15:10-15:20. My starting time was 15:06 and this was the second control of the M21 open course.