Repetition of the bike semester

  In case if anyone has missed it - at the turn of May and June'24 EMTBOC will be held in Poland. In case, if anyone didn't know yet - it gonna be held in quite an interesting area.

 Speaking of; forests around Ostróda/Stare Jabłonki has hosted large competitions for many years; from the Polish Championships to the MTBO World Championships. The latter took place in 2008 - then, however, there was a longer break. It's a pity, because this area beg to be visited more often - which we will make up for this season.

 So that the younger ones can see - and the older ones can remember - how nice it is there, we're publishing a tab on the competition website dedicated to old maps of this area. You can browse and visualize it... Unfortunately, visits to the field, with a map in hand, are forbidden - as this is an embargoed area.

 Since we are writing about the EMTBOC'24, information regarding accommodation options for competition participants will be published this week. Stay tuned:)